An Interview with Eagle Homes

An Interview with Eagle Homes

An Interview with Eagle Homes sydney

What’s your favourite part about doing business in the Shuswap?

The Shuswap is an incredibility supportive community.  We are fortunate to live and operate a business amongst others who have such a strong sense of community and are always willing to step up to help other businesses and members of the community.  Women Who Wine is a perfect example of the types of groups in our area that not only support their members but extend their time and generosity throughout the Shuswap.

What do you think is the key to your success?

 It’s all about the people! We have a fabulous team throughout our organization. We feel that through our staff, product, branding, and after sale service we are able to be top in our industry.  Strong leadership is also key along with striving to improve & development, creativity, and employing strong systems. 

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to a new business owner in Salmon Arm?

Make sure it’s your jam! A strong passion for what you do is vital as you work your way through the successes and challenges in your business.

Utilize multiple streams of support & information, build a strong support system of alliance partners, and find a solid mentor to help guide you that’s no always just agreeable, but can challenge you.

What do you enjoy most about living in the Shuswap?

 Salmon Arm is such a great, supportive community with many local groups and programs to help set you up for success.

Tell us a success story with a client that you’re proud of.

We strive to make every client story a successful one! I think the ones we are most proud of are the number of repeat clients that we have had over the years. This attests to the reputation we have established overtime which is priceless when building client relationships.

What motivated you to sponsor this event?

The wonderful things that we have heard about the group, which is spoken very highly of, and all that Women Who Wine have done for our community.